No place like home: How some families make ageing at home work


This article emphasises the growing trend of more seniors choosing home-based care. The trend is not unexpected given the high rate of home ownership. As such demand for home-care services have increased and MOH-subverted home health providers served about 6,800 subsidised clients in 2015. A life example of an elderly woman, whose poor health deteriorate so badly that hospital staff referred her to a community step-down care, has been improving in her medical and mental state due to the families decision to opt for home care instead. Another elderly man with dementia is also benefiting from home care.

For caregivers, this is an example or a reminder of how their efforts in caring for their elderly at home is actually beneficial and better than leaving them in the care of community hospitals. It is sort of a motivation for caregivers to continue caring for their elderly and that it will help improve the elderly’s health day by day.


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