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Sensor Technology piloted to help keep an eye on the elderly

Reduce unnecessary work that can be accomplished by technology, freeing up more time for you to focus on direct care. This also means that technology is growing, and that we can expect more to come. This article is about a trial pilot system of a technology that helps to automatically...

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No place like home: How some families make ageing at home work

This article emphasises the growing trend of more seniors choosing home-based care. The trend is not unexpected given the high rate of home ownership. As such demand for home-care services have increased and MOH-subverted home health providers served about 6,800 subsidised clients in 2015. A life example of an elderly...

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Extended course for maids gives eldercare a boost

There are now more detailed courses on eldercare if you or your Foreign Domestic Worker want to learn in greater depth how to better care for your elderly loved ones, and you can even get a scholarship will be award to fund your passion!   This article tells of the...

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