Therapy for Elderly

Therapy is often important for speedier recovery after surgery, stroke or a fall. It allows elderly patients to regain independence in their physical and mental daily activities, and reduces future over-reliance on their caregivers.

All our therapists are regulated by the Allied Health Professions Council under the MOH and an experienced therapist is able to attend to your parent at a fully-equipped centre with rehabilitation machines, or at the convenience of your parent’s home.


Physiotherapy (Home or centre)

For walking again after a fall or stroke. Includes neurological rehabilitation, pain management, fall prevention, prescription of aids and appliances, etc. Centre physiotherapy gives your parent access to medical-grade equipment for rehabilitation and maintenance, and modalities for pain relief.

From $150

Occupational therapy

Essential for recovering and maintaining the capacity to perform everyday tasks required for daily living, self-care, leisure and work. Our OT customises a treatment program based on your parent’s unique lifestyle, living environment and preferences.

From $150

Speech therapy

Recovery of speech, voice and swallowing functions. Suitable for individuals who have had a stroke, head and neck cancer, respiratory illness or Parkinson’s Disease.

From $200


Engage a psychiatrist that is experienced in working with the elderly and their common conditions – depression, delirium and dementia.

From $80

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