Every year, falls account for many cases of disability, loss of independence and emotional distress among the elderly. For your peace of mind, reduce the risk of falls by installing modifications to make your parents’ home elder-safe.

Given the high potential cost resulting from a fall, these modifications are relatively affordable and HDB residents are often eligible for Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) subsidies.

An increasing number of our clients have been requesting for home assessment. Click here if you are unsure and want to find out more about home assessment.

Grab bars

Grab bars provide support and prevent falls, especially on stairs and in wet places such as the bathroom. Our range includes fixed grab bars, folding grab bars and integrated grab bars.

Simple grab bars: From $15
Integrated grab bars: From $85


Ramps replace steps to make it easier for your parents to move around the house. Choose from made-to-measure wooden or aluminium ramps and bi-fold portable ramps.

From $100

Non-slip floors

Simple application of non-slip strips or coating to existing floors/steps to help increase friction.

Anti-slip stickers: From $22
Non-slip treatment: From $200

Shower seats

Wall-mounted shower seats are sturdy, foldable and can be kept up when not in use.

From $190

Sensors, alarms and cameras

Motion sensors, motion-activated cameras, emergency buttons and alarms help your parents get immediate help if an emergency occurs at home. Particularly useful if your parents are unaccompanied at home.

From $40

Home assessment for eldercare improvements

Performed by an experienced renovation specialist.

From $80

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