Prepare for your parents’ tomorrow with advice from the experts today. By ensuring that their legal and financial matters are in order, your parents get peace of mind to enjoy their golden years.

Provide better care for your parents by going through caregiver training. Apply for grants and subsidies, e.g. the Caregiver Training Grant and you will be able to afford an even higher level of care for your parents.


Lasting power of attorney

The LPA certificate allows your parents to appoint a trusted person to look after their personal welfare and/or property in the event that they are not in the right mental state in the future to make the decisions themselves.

From $300

Advanced Medical

Let continuation of your parents’ life be based on their wishes. The AMD allows your parent to opt out of critical life-sustaining treatment if they become terminally ill and unconscious in the future.

Cost: Enquire with us

Grant assessment

Assessment by qualified professionals to determine eligibility for grants such as IDAPE, Eldershield, Foreign Domestic Worker levy concession, or the Pioneer Disability Assistance Scheme.

From $40

Caregiver training

Raise the quality of care for your parents by equipping yourself or their main caregiver with skills to provide better day-to-day care (wound care, changing tubes, daily assisted living, etc.), behaviour management, and caregiver self-care.

From $120

Financial planning

Engage qualified advisors to ensure that your parents’ financial matters are in order, e.g. estate planning, trusts, etc.

From $120

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