Frequently Asked Questions

Home care is provided in the safety and convenience of a patient’s home. Aside from because a patient might not be mobile enough to visit a community hospital or clinic, our clients choose home care because:

  1. Customised and personal: Receive one-to-one personal care from a trained home care provider. Be assured that your parent is receiving the right type of care or therapy for his specific condition.
  2. More practical help: Home-based therapy is often more practical because the patient re-learns how to perform his daily activities in his own actual living environment. The therapist is also able to provide specific caregiving advice to the patient’s caregiver
  3. More affordable than you would expect: Studies have shown that patients recover faster in the comfort and privacy of their own home, reducing the chances of re-admission to the hospital. Hiring a home nurse (as low as $22/hour: link) is also often cheaper than paying for a night’s stay at a hospital. Moreover, are subsidies available to offset some of the costs of home care: contact SilverAlly for a free grant assessment.

Here is a comparison of the estimated prices of home care services: link. The actual cost will vary depending on the specific condition of the care recipient. For an estimate of home care costs, please contact SilverAlly.

Yes. While the number of subsides available for private home care is limited, the ones that are available and are often used by our clients include IDAPE link, Eldershield link, Foreign Domestic Worker levy concession link, and the Pioneer Disability Assistance Scheme link.

For a grant assessment to see which subsidies you are eligible for, please contact SilverAlly.

All of SilverAlly’s nurses are registered with the Singapore Nursing Board, while our affiliated therapists are registered with the Allied Health Professional Council. If unsure, please do not hesitate to ask for copies of our home care provider’s qualifications or valid registration certificates.
Of course, qualifications matter in determining if a care professional is properly trained to provide the right kind of care for the patient’s specific condition. However, from our experience, other intangible factors e.g., personality, communication style, etc. are also important in ensuring the best match for a patient’s needs and preferences. We constantly evaluate our professionals based on first-hand client reviews. We take all these factors into consideration before proposing a small number of professionals from which you choose for your parent.

Of course! We normally try our best to re-assign the same nurse/therapist if the feedback is good. Please indicate your preference for the same therapist/nurse in your next request to SilverAlly.

Our care coordinator schedules and supervises different types of care (e.g. medical assessment and monitoring, therapy, home nursing, etc) by different healthcare professionals, as required by your parents. He or she is monitors and evaluates the care delivered, updates you on your parent’s condition, and ensures that your feedback and requests reach the care provider. Your personal care coordinator knows your parents’ preferences and is a familiar 24/7 contact point for any request, no matter how small.
It is recommended, though not required, for a patient to check with his doctor before starting treatment with a therapist. However, if you are thinking of claiming the expense from your insurance provider, please first check with your insurance provider if a doctor's letter is required.

To request an appointment with our care professionals, we can be reached 24/7 at 6265 1500 or email us at (response within 1 office hour).

An appointment is usually confirmed within 24 hours and, depending on the type of service, sometimes as soon as 2 hours in advance.

Yes, please call SilverAlly at 6265 1500 or email us at to change your appointment.

Please contact us at least one day in advance so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. Do note that the same nurse/therapist may not be available for the new appointment and another nurse/therapist may be allocated to you.

Changes/cancellation to the appointment are free-of-charge, unless the nurse/therapist has already been dispatched to the patient’s home.

The decision to send one’s parent to a nursing home is always difficult and emotional, but it is sometimes the best alternative for the patient if he needs specialised supervision or hands-on medical care, 24/7.

Many factors go into the eventual decision and, given our care coordinator’s familiarity with the patient’s physical and mental condition, we are often asked for our input. We will use our experience to advise you when the time is right. To better understand the best options for your parent, please contact SilverAlly for a free consultation.

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a series of voluntary discussions between you and your parents that will help you better understand their state of health and help you make healthcare decisions on their behalf. An ACP is guided by your parents’ values and beliefs and should be planned ahead of time.

An ACP covers an Advance Medical Directive (AMD) and a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

The AMD is a legal document that allows your parent to opt out of critical life-sustaining treatment if they become terminally ill and unconscious in the future.

The LPA certificate allows your parents to appoint a trusted person to look after their personal welfare and/or property in the event that they are not in the right mental state in the future to make the decisions themselves. A doctor may be required to assess the patient’s current mental state as the legal representative drafts and issues the LPA certificate.

To start the ACP process, simply contact SilverAlly for an initial consultation.

The steps involved in a care plan normally include:

  1. Declaration by caregiver: A 15-minute online form covering short questions on your parent’s mobility, genogram, summarized medical history. This will give us an understanding of your parent’s needs and current condition.
  2. Nurse visit to parent’s home: Taking blood samples for tests and assess your parent’s living environment, clarify any additional questions.
  3. Medical assessment by our doctor: After assessing the lab and assessment results from the initial visit, our doctor will do a home visit to conduct a physical examination and discuss your parent’s health condition and risk factors (if any) with you and your parent.
  4. Dedicated care coordinator: Monitors the care delivered and updates you on your parent’s condition, 24/7 on-call for any request.
  5. Tracking performance: Customised and periodic health assessments to track your parent’s health.

Learn more about our care plans: link

Email us ( or give us a call (6265 1500)! We can will arrange a free visit to you and your parent to discuss how a care plan can help your specific situation.

During the first home visit, our nurse will clarify certain information provided in the online assessment form and will take samples for blood tests to screen for glucose levels so that we can better understand your parent’s condition. Based on the initial assessment and home visit, the nurse will draft out the care plan for your parent. Our doctor will then review the care plan and tests results before arranging a second home visit to do a physical assessment for your parent. Next, out doctor will review and approve the care plan before our care-coordinator presents it to you.

All our care plans are confidential and customised for the individual patient’s health and living condition. But please email ( or call (6265 1500) to request for a generic care plan.

You can take your time in reviewing the proposed care plans for your parent. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your care coordinator. We will follow-up with you within a week. If you decide to move forward with the proposed care plan, our care coordinator will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the next steps in placing the care plans in action.

Our care plans are customised based on the condition and needs of the client. Prices start from $300. To request an initial consultation or to know more on customised care plans, please email ( or call (6265 1500).

Transport assistance is one of our more popular requests. Our clients choose to engage SilverAlly because:

  1. Familiarity: You may request the same driver for your parent for each appointment so that your parent would be more comfortable with a trusted familiar face.
  2. Wheelchair friendly: Our vehicles are fitted with wheelchair friendly ramps for easy access as well as in-vehicle locks to secure the wheelchair.
  3. Safety: Our assistance-trained staff are ready to assist your parent every step of the way, helping them from door (home) to door (clinic) without having to wait by the side of a main road.
  4. No cost surprises: Unlike taxis, you do not have to worry about not having enough cash on hand as we charge a flat fee for our transportation service regardless of the traffic conditions.
  5. Updates all the way: Our staff at SilverAlly will keep you updated every step of the way, i.e.: during pick-up, drop-off at the clinic, return home, as well as SMS reminders for the next appointment.

Depending on your parent’s condition and level of assistance required with their daily activities of living, you may need to make renovations and elder-friendly fittings to your home like grab bars, ramps and non-slip floors.

Given the high potential cost resulting from a fall, these modifications are relatively affordable and HDB residents are often eligible for Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) subsidies.

If you need help in obtaining a grant assessment, please contact SilverAlly.

We accept all major credit cards, cheque, bank transfer or cash payment.

Yes! You can use your Eldershield pay-outs to pay for SilverAlly services. To see a full-list of services we offer, please refer to: Link

We know that there are so many things to consider when choosing a care provider for your parent and we are happy to provide you with all the information you need (for free) to make the best decision for your parent. Payment is collected upon provision of service. No cancellation charges except if our care provider has already been dispatched to your home.

Interested in a care plan?

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