Elder-Safe Bath Board


The Elder-Safe Bath Board has a contoured seat that provides safety and stability for your parent when using the bathtub. The sturdy frame and handle also helps the caregiver support or move your parent in and out of the tub with greater ease. Suitable for those with limited strength due to injuries or age-related conditions such as stroke and frailty.


Copolymerization PP material.
Comes with rubber bolts to hold board in place against inner walls of the tub.
Adjustable length. Patterned surface to prevent slipping.
Strong and deep board base.


Product specifications

Measurement: 66 x 31 x 5 cm
Weight capacity: 100kg
Weight: 2.8kg
2 colour options for handle: red, blue


Price: $85

(Incl. GST. Self-Collection/$30 Delivery Fees)

Call 626-515-00 to order


Why we love it

Our clients find the Elder-Safe Bath Board convenient and user-friendly because of its adjustable length that makes it able to fit bath tubs of any length. It’s design also provides easy drainage which makes it easier for cleaning and maintenence.




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